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Welcome to Project Nur!

Often, we see something we don't understand: a girl covering her hair, a boy abstaining from food, a group bowing down in prayer.

At Project Nur, we welcome differences, and we share our experiences. "Nur" means "light" in Arabic, and we hope to shed light on the unknown at WCC. You can come here to ask questions to friendly faces, hear a language you've never heard before, or tell your story.

At Project Nur, we empower students to come together to tackle the issues they feel passionately about, whether that's combatting Islamophobia, promoting interfaith and interethnic understanding, exercising self-expression through art, or engaging the community through service, WCC students will have the opportunity to coordinate events that tell different stories and bring people together.

Fall 2017 Meetings: Every other Thursday (starting October 5) from 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. in LA 150. 

Contact Club President, Ala Hasan, with questions. 

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Project Nur is a student-led initiative that promotes interfaith and interethnic understanding by empowering college student leaders to coordinate events on their college campuses that foster an environment of mutual respect and understanding between Muslims and all communities.

Project Nur chapters are safe spaces for Muslim and non-Muslim students to learn about various aspects of the Muslim world—whether they be political, cultural, historical, linguistic, etc.—and to advocate for those issues which they care about. Other Project Nur chapters have put on events ranging from providing relief to Syrian refugees to meeting with political representatives to discuss the issues that matter to them to hosting Islam Around the World events and spoken word nights in which students are given the opportunity to tackle social justice through the means of creative expression.

Involvement in Project Nur can equip students with valuable tools that can be of great use in the professional world, such as non-profit management, event coordination, and social media and marketing skills.



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Ala Hasan

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Devin P. Streur

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