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Welcome to the EDGE program where you work at your own pace to create the engaged Wright State University experience so that you can demonstrate your leadership competencies before and after graduation to put you on a path of excelling!

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Start the EDGE program here!

Go to this link to take the tool

How long does it take to complete?

Individuals should plan about 3-7 minutes to fill out each cluster assessment. Individuals may fill this out on a computer or mobile device.

Results from the inventory are not saved. Please make sure to do one of the four things below so that you can refer to your results when working on your competencies.

1. Print results page
2. Copy and paste results page to a word document and save and/or print
3. Screen shot results page and save as PNG file
4. Go to print screen and save results page as a PDF

How many times can someone take it?

Individuals can take the Inventory as many times as they would like. For study purposes, we ask that any time someone takes a cluster assessment that they fill it out honestly. Any time someone just “clicks through” creates statistical issues.

Portal Information


EDGE is a program constructed to assist students with their voyage through Wright State University while gaining important leadership competencies for success. EDGE utilizes existing programs from the Division of Student Affairs Offices and newly created ones so that students can produce a robust eportfolio. The information on the eportfolio then supports the student's resume creation and gives students a framework of unique experiences and competencies gained through an array of Wright State University opportunities.



Constitution Upload (8MB max)

Please attach the organization's constitution.

Meeting Day

Monday through Friday

Meeting Time

8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or by appointment

Meeting Location

019 Student Union

President's Name

Debbie Lamp

President's Email
Treasurer's Name

Rick Danals

Treasurer's Email
Advisor's Name

Debbie Lamp

Advisor's Email
Advisor's Wright State University Title

Associate Director, Student Activities