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Welcome to the WWU Game Design Club portal! If you're just starting out or if you're an old dog looking for new tricks, find all kinds of links and resources at our website: ! There are all kinds of tutorials, free tools, and reading materials curated by the club there.

Portal Information


The WWU Game Design club is a place for all majors and areas of study to talk about game design theory, show off their personal projects or recruit people for a project, and find resources for their own endeavors. Regardless of your major and your experience with game design, if you have a passion for creating games of any sort (including games that aren't video games, such as card games and board games), you're welcome at the WWU Game Design Club!


Special Interest

Statement of Purpose

This is your official mission statement which will be displayed online as the description of your club / org.

It will be the purpose of the WWU Game Design Club to provide resources and a community for Game Design on campus. This includes promoting discussion and collaboration between multiple disciplines including art, design, computer science, music, and writing. The club will also help provide feedback for projects created by current club members. Membership is open to all who have an interest in game design.

Activities and Events

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Game Jams, Employment Opportunities, Development Studio Talks

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