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Take the Pledge

As we reflect on the events of this past week I want you to know that I am very saddened and disheartened by the hatred, racism, and bigotry continuing violence across our nation. Violence is not going to be the means to create the nation and world we need. I believe very strongly that we, as humans, should all be treated with respect and dignity. Our roots may be different, we may come from different backgrounds and cultures, but we must be united in protecting the rights of others and acknowledging the mistakes of the past to not repeat them. It will be the differences between us that will make the future better for all. It requires all of us to have that vision. 

I make this pledge and challenge you do to the same:

As the duly elected student body president of the UW-Whitewater and a student, I pledge that I, my cabinet, and the vice president will work to support a free and safe environment for learning, speech, and curiosity. I pledge to support curiosity and the ability to talk freely, so that we learn about each other, we learn what we are fighting for, and we move forward together. I pledge to use my knowledge and energy to promote justice, to support those around us, and to teach and learn. Freedoms and inalienable rights are never more than one breath away from being lost, and we must defend and protect them.

This has been and will continue to be our focus as student leaders of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. I ask you to join me.

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Tom Kind
Student Body President
Whitewater Student Government

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