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Welcome to SM@C (Social Media at COBE)! We are a club with the goal to take COBE's Social Media to the next level! With the help from our tactful students and insightful speakers, our plan is to highlight the wonderful things about Radford's College of Business and Economics! Become a part of our goal and have the opportunity to share your wonderful skills and knowledge! 

Portal Information


Our organization was created to promote COBE, highlight our wonderful faculty, and our hardworking scholars through different forms of social media (Twitter, Instagram, FB). We are here to educate students about the power of Social Media and how to use it in a professional setting as we promote our College of Business and Economics.


College of Business & Economics

Selection Process/Membership Requirements

Please list information about the organizations selection process and include membership requirements if applicable.

Membership is open to anyone that is interested in social media and the way it works!
Has some type of skill/creativity in maneuvering through social media e.g. videographers/writers/photographers/etc.
Anyone who believes that they can assist with the improvement of COBE's social media and bring in new/creative ideas!

Meeting Location


Meeting Day
  • Monday
Meeting Time

4:00 PM

Please list your organization's Facebook page
Please list your organization's Twitter handle

Ex: @organization


In what month do you hold officer elections?


Organization Goals

Please list your goals for the next year

Successfully promote COBE through multiple forms of social media.
Educate students on the proper way to promote colleges on social media platforms in a successful way.