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It is a great honor to welcome you to the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO).  Whether you are a freshman, upperclassman, or graduate student your presence and contributions to the UCO community are valued.  We are committed to your development in your discipline knowledge, global and cultural competency, health and wellness, leadership, civic engagement, personal character, and sense of community.  

Your development in the aforementioned areas will present great, yet rewarding challenges along your journey towards graduation.  As a university community, we have standards of behavior to hold our students accountable during this journey.  In the pages to follow, you will be introduced to the Code of Student Conduct, which is our means to educate and support the university community in maintaining a reasonably comfortable living and learning environment for all UCO community members. 

We encourage you to make informed, wise decisions that will impact your future, as well as your surrounding community.   Furthermore, we encourage the acceptance of responsibility as a tool for growth and transformative learning at UCO. 

We are committed to advising you on your rights, your responsibilities, our policies, and good character. 

Go Bronchos!

Chris M. Snoddy,

Director of Student Conduct

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The purpose of the Office of Student Conduct is to ensure that students are made aware of UCO's policies and standards of behavior, their rights, their options of resources, and their responsibilities to uphold those policies and standards.

The mission of the Office of Student Conduct is to determine responsibility in reported matters of misconduct and concern through timely and equitable investigations and educationally appropriate resolutions.

“Character, Rights, and Responsibilities”



Office Location

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Nigh University Center, 136

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Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm