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Welcome to DU Dungeons and Dragons! Come and join us in a world of adventure; all are welcome, every decision is up to you!

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DUDAD is The University of Denver's official Dungeons and Dragons club committed to creating a fun and engaging space for players and campaigns. We meet once a week, and run multiple campaigns of different styles, editions, and game systems. All are welcome to attend. Additionally we run One Shot Days every other Saturday, allowing for students who cannot dedicate their Friday nights a time to enjoy what our club has to offer.

A perfect way to meet new friends and make new connections!



Meeting Day


Meeting Time

7:00pm - 12:00am

Meeting Location

Driscoll (Room 145 and surrounding areas), rooms subject to change

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Marcus Merritt

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Cedar Haugen

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Alex Niederberger

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Hannah Renea Bumgarner (Secretary)

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Advisor Name

Chris GauthierDickey

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Description and Purpose

To create a fun, safe, and communal environment for the many campaigns going on around campus for various Tabletop Role Players. We want to help groups connect and allow for a creative environment free from judgement with a strong emphasis on our community. To foster new friendships and create a sense of belonging while offering a safe, substance-free space to hang out on Friday nights.

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