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Welcome to the Hospitality and Tourism Management Graduate Student Organization Page!

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This organization promotes Hospitality & Tourism Management students, and serves as an avenue for representing students needs


Academic & Professional

Organization Purpose/Mission:

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This organization is set up to promote Hospitality & Tourism Management students, provide fellowship among HTM graduate students, faculty and staff, and also to represent students wants and needs in many aspects.

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Number of Active Members

This is the total number of ACTIVE members (all of which should be UNT students) who participate in activities of the organization. This is NOT the number of students who signed up on an interest list, nor the number of students the organization "governs" (if the organization is a governing body over groups of students or other organizations).


Requirements for Membership:

As listed in the organization's constitution (e.g., dues, attendance, GPA). If none, write "None."

Any Student at the University of North Texas is eligible to be an active member and may hold office. Non-students act as associate members , but may not vote or hold office

Are your meetings open to potential members and/or non members?


Primary Advisor Name

This is a full-time UNT employee, either faculty or staff. Do NOT precede or succeed their name with a title or license, such as "Dr." or "Ph.D."

Young Hoon Kim

Primary Advisor Email and Review

This is a UNT address, typically Entering a misspelled or incorrect email address will cause the profile submission to be denied and delay the organization's registration.

In order for this profile submissoin to be approved, it must be reviewed by the primary advisor. Please notify your advisor to be on the lookout for a review request email from OrgSync. Once reviewed by the advisor, the profile will be submitted to Student Activities for review.

President/Chief Officer Name

Full Name on record with UNT.

Bryan Torres

President/Chief Officer Email Address