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Emily Perrin Britt
Jul 3, 2015

Gamma Chis

Jul 3, 2015 by Emily Perrin Britt

Gamma Chis are sorority women who disaffiliate from their chapters during the recruitment process to serve as a Recruitment Counselor to potential new members (aka PNMs - women participating in recruitment). Disaffiliation means that they are active members of the chapter, but keep their membership secret so that they can remain unbiased during the recruitment process.

Each Gamma Chi will have a group of PNMs that she is responsible for guiding and assisting throughout Recruitment Week and the initial time as a new member. Gamma Chis are a great resource for getting your questions answered, talking about what you are looking for in a sorority experience, and providing advice about coming to UK. We assign PNMs to Gamma Chi groups based upon where you live – so your group will be women who live on the same floor of the residence hall or in the same area off campus. If you have a special schedule like FastTrack participants, Dance Team, or Band members, you will be in a special Gamma Chi group to help you with your special schedule needs throughout the week. 

Your Gamma Chi will contact you during the week of August 10th to confirm last minute details with you and introduce herself. You will first meet with your Gamma Chi on August 15 at 5pm to talk about the week, get to know your group, and get important information to help you navigate the schedule and recruitment process. After that she will take you to the PNM Orientation at 6pm and sorority recruitment will have officially begun!

During the Open House round of recruitment, you will go with your Gamma Chi to each chapter so that you can learn how to find each chapter’s recruitment location and how to get checked in for each function. After Open House, you will receive an individualized schedule each morning from your Gamma Chi and she will be there to talk with you about any questions, concerns, or share in your excitement! If you have any questions or concerns, no matter what they may be, your Gamma Chi is there to answer questions, support you, and help you have the best Recruitment experience.

Being a Gamma Chi is a prestigious role on campus, and we work to pick the strongest team of women on our campus each year. Meet our 2015 Gamma Chi team here. While you will have one Gamma Chi to help you throughout the week, don’t be afraid to ask any of the Gamma Chi team your questions as they have all been selected to help you succeed!