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How Accessible Is Your Syllabus? (ONLINE 4/8/19 thru 4/19/19)

Monday, Apr 8, 2019
All Day
ONLINEMap Location

This session counts toward the BUILD Certificate.

NOTE: This is an asynchronous workshop that will run from 4/8/19 thru 4/19/19.  Completing the workshop should take about two hours. The workshop is self-paced, but work must be completed by 4/21/19.

How accessible is your syllabus? That is, to what extent is it able to be used by all intended users, each with differing capabilities? The goal of this workshop is to enable faculty to assess the extent to which their syllabus is accessible and to acquaint them with some relevant principles of accessibility. This workshop provides you with an opportunity to assess the extent to which your syllabus is accessible and to identify aspects of the syllabus that can be made more accessible. The workshop uses a checklist drawn from principles defined at and in other resources. The workshop also provides practice in using Microsoft Word's accessibility checker. Finally, the workshop includes a brief online discussion.

Facilitated by Kevin Wilson and Teresa Focarile