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Krista M Proksch
Sep 1, 2014

The Dose - Your Weekly Student Org Updates 9/1/14

Sep 1, 2014 by Krista M Proksch

Hey Orgs!

A great BIG official welcome back from all of us in the Involvement Center!  I want to introduce you to our new weekly updates for student organizations, The Dose!  Each Monday during the semester you will receive communication via OrgSync about all of the important updates and announcements pertinent to your org. It's our hope that this will help streamline communication to you all so that you can concentrate on you and having the best year yet for your organization!

With that, let's get started with the updates!  See below for information regarding:

Renew Your Organization NOW!

Org Renewal is here!  All organizations MUST renew their org between September 1 - 30th to remain a recognized student organization.   How do you RENEW?

1. Update your organization's profile on OrgSync between September 1-30

An administrator within your organization's portal must update all pertinent information within your profile such as current officers, an updated constitution, meeting information, website and social media links, advisor information and more.  If you were contacted in the spring about updating your constitution, you must submit those constitutional changes during this time.

Need administrator access? Have a current admin follow the instructions here.
Need to know where to access your profile?  Click here.

2. Send at least one officer to the Leadership Summit

Saturday, September 13th
9:45 a.m - 2:00 p.m., Great Hall, MSC
Register for the event here.
One e-board member must be in attendance, although multiple members are encouraged and welcome.

Speaking of the Summit…..

Keep those registrations coming through! 

It's time to kick off the year for all student organizations!  Join us for the annual Leadership Summit as we get you excited and energized for the year!   All organizations are required to send one (1) e-board member as part of the renewal process.  Though, we know many of you plan to send more because your org had such a great experience last year!

Leadership Summit

Saturday, September 13th
10am – 2pm
Great Hall

We know you like incentives, so the next two people to register will receive a coffee drink on us from Brew Devils!

For more information and to register, visit:

Campus Life Today Changes

The policy to post in Campus Life Today will change slightly for fall. We will still accept all of your meetings and events to advertise in Campus Life Today. However, you’ll have to make sure your event or meeting is created within your OrgSync portal. If it’s not created as an event in your portal, we won’t run your post.  This is also the same to get your posters printed. If your event isn’t in OrgSync, we won’t print your posters.

Why are we doing this? So that students on campus who are searching for fun orgs to join and amazing events to attend, can find them in one easy spot!  

Thanks for your cooperation!

For directions on how to create an event in OrgSync click here.

Org Email Migration

As a reminder, UW-Stout has migrated all student org emails accounts to Office 365. What does this mean for your organization?  The way you access your student organization email has changed effective August 18th. 

You no longer can login to your org email account as a separate shared account from Webmail.   You will need to login to your personal Webmail account (your account). From there you will be able to add your organization email as a second mailbox within your account.

Who will have access to the org email?

By default, all students who were listed as President, Vice President or Treasurer this summer in OrgSync were given access to view and manage the student org email in their personal UW-Stout email account.  These students will be considered an “owner” of the account.  If you need to update your officers in OrgSync, make sure you update your portal’s profile under Settings.

These three students (or “owners”) can do the following:

  • Set up the organization email as a second mailbox within their personal Webmail account.
  • Modify the “member list” for this email account. The “member list” will be any of your other student org members that should have access to the student org email.   For example, some of you may want your Secretary to have access or a Committee Chair.

Directions to access the student org email

To add your organization email to your personal UW-Stout email account, please follow these instructions. (

To modify the “member list” for those that can add the organization email to their personal UW-Stout email account, please follow these instructions.


For questions or support visit the Ask5000 Help Desk at 

You can also contact Krista Proksch at  with any questions regarding these email changes.

The NEW OrgSync
The NEW OrgSync is here!  If you haven't yet, login today to check out the new redesign! Email with any questions or visit We'll also offer trainings at the request of your org and at the Leadership Summit in September. 

That's all for this week's Dose!  As always, contact us with questions any time.  Until next week...