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Is YOUR Org as Good as Gold? Make Your Nomination for the Annual Leadership Awards!

Posted by Krista Proksch on Mar 6, 2014

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Nominations are open for student organization awards to be honored at the annual Leadership Awards Reception. Nominate an organization that you know is doing great things or your own org!  You can also nominate your advisor for Student Org Advisor of the Year. Make your nomination for the awards below by March 14th at: All nominees will be invited to the Annual Leadership Awards Reception in May. Org of the Year goes to... (Read More)

Register Today for an Officer Transition Workshop!

Posted by Angela Toth on Feb 20, 2014

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Officer Transition is much more than just the passing of a binder, it's a transition that affects your entire student org! Learn how to make the proper transition at one of the three offered Officer Transition Workshops. Join us for a one hour workshop that will help your organization effectively switch officers this semester! By attending one of these workshops you will: Learn How and Why officer transition is important Reflect on your term Get y... (Read More)

#mymsc2014 - Win an iPad Mini!

Posted by Krista Proksch on Feb 3, 2014

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Hey student organizations, So many of you call the MSC "home." We want you to show us how you make the MSC your place! Is it the people you use the space with?  The events that you plan here?  Is it where you start your day?   We want to see it!  Upload your photos to twitter or Instagram with #mymsc2014.  And your photo might just win you an iPad Mini! For the full rules and details visit Thanks for making the M... (Read More)

Registration Now OPEN!

Posted by Angela Toth on Dec 4, 2013

news post attachment image ATTENTION ALL ORGS! Registration for the annual Involvement Fair this January is now open!!  Hosted upstairs in the Memorial Student Center, the Involvement Fair is a great way to reach out to potential new members and help show students all that Stout has to offer. It is also a great networking opportunity to get to know your fellow organizations and expand your connections. Be sure to register and secure your booth as soon as possible, registration is only o... (Read More)

OrgSync Tip of the Week: Officer Transitions

Posted by Angela Toth on Dec 2, 2013

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Congratulations! You’ve successfully ran elections and appointed members to their new positions! Now what’s the next step for your org? A smooth transition. Officer transitions are critical and shouldn’t be overlooked; consider hosting a meeting with your Executive Board to go over the responsibilities of each position and ensure a solid future for your entire organization.  Read the attached tip sheet below for additional advice on an efficient transition of ... (Read More)

Contingency and Travel Budget Process-Phase 2

Posted by Shadrack N Masaki on Nov 24, 2013

If your student organization is seeking extra funding to supplement your annual budgets for events/travel taking place from January 1st 2014-April 30th 2014,then take this chance to apply. The process will be open for TWO weeks and all budgets will be due on December 2nd, 2013 at noon. No exceptions. NOTE:During this period the Annual Budget forms will not be available for submission. The budgets are available on OrgSync on "Treasury". Contact ssafinanci... (Read More)

OrgSync Tip of the Week: Service Opportunities

Posted by Angela Toth on Nov 18, 2013

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November is a month of giving thanks, and volunteering with your organization is a great way to give back!  Check out StoutReach on OrgSync, your campus connection to civic engagement and service.  With nearly thirty local nonprofit agencies, all are hoping to engage you in volunteer service to others. From blood drives to elder support and mentoring youth, and from environmental sustainability to socializing animals, the opportunities to volunteer are endless. ... (Read More)

OrgSync Tip of the Week: Officer Elections

Posted by Angela Toth on Nov 11, 2013

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With Spring semester right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about officer elections! Did you know that OrgSync provides a quick and easy way to run elections? Whether you use an anonymous poll to cast votes, or create a form for each of your members to submit, OrgSync has all the tools you need to run fast and effective elections!  Check out this tip sheet for more information: (Read More)

Annual Budget Process Open!

Posted by Shadrack N Masaki on Nov 7, 2013

You are able to apply for your annual student organization budgets now.This Process will open until February 3,2014 at noon.No late submissions will be accepted. The budgets process is available on OrgSync on the Treasury button. Training Sessions on how to fill out your budget will be held Every Monday From 5:30pm -6:00pm at Birch- MSC for the rest of the Month. Feel free to contact Shadrack Masaki at for any questions or... (Read More)

OrgSync Tip of the Week: Easy Access Meeting Minutes!

Posted by Angela Toth on Nov 4, 2013

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Hey Secretary! Tired of everyone asking you about the minutes and what was discussed at the recent meeting? There’s an easy solution to that problem: OrgSync Files! You’ve seen the tab, now get familiar with it and create your own file to store all the minutes in. It’s a quick and easy way to store all the information and makes it accessible to anyone in your org. Enough with the nagging questions, just direct them to your homepage!  Storing meeting minutes on... (Read More)

Spring 2014 Reservations

Posted by Angela Toth on Oct 30, 2013

Hey student orgs! With midterms practically over, it's that time of the year to start thinking about reserving space for your Organization's needs for the Spring semester. Whether it's a room reservation for your weekly meetings, or reserving space for a big event you are planning for next semester, creating your "blanket reservations" is as easy as filling out this form! Fill out the request form for each date you need reserved and it will be sent to room 214 in... (Read More)

OrgSync Tip of the Week: Texting via OS!

Posted by Angela Toth on Oct 28, 2013

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Need an easy way to contact members while on the go? Let’s say your meeting reservation got mixed up and instead of having the room 5-6pm, the meeting will now be 6-7pm. DON’T PANIC. Thanks to OrgSync there’s an easy way to send the information to everyone via text! Follow the link for more information on how to use this awesome feature!   For more information, contact orgsynchelp@uwstout.... (Read More)

OrgSync Tip of the Week: Creating Your Roster

Posted by Angela Toth on Oct 7, 2013

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Hey Orgs! You’ve recruited new members, brought them to your organizational meetings and now they are fully enrolled in your organization. Now how do you keep track of them? Check out our tip sheet below on how to get a detailed roster with one easy click: (Read More)

Invitation to Join the Stoutreach Service Collaborative!

Posted by Mary Mcmanus on Aug 30, 2013

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{If your organization is heavily or primarily involved in service to others, please see the invitation below}.   Welcome back to the new year to all students and orgs from your Stoutreach Service Collaborative and Ally Initiatives! We know it’s hard to believe, but we will all be starting the new academic year in less than a week!  This is why we are writing today… with a follow-up invitation to you.                 You may remember the April 29 Stoutreach ... (Read More)

Poster Printing - We've Made Changes!

Posted by Krista Proksch on Aug 29, 2013

Poster Printing - We've made it easier for you and us!  Poster printing and copies requests are now submitted via an online form.  You can submit your poster or copies online no matter what the time of day and the Involvement Center will have it ready and waiting for you! How do you request printing? ALL printing requests must be made through this form. What does each org get for printing? 100 posters per event... (Read More)

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