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Campus Life Today Submission Form

Campus Life Today Guidelines

Campus Life Today serves as a clearinghouse for all campus e-mails. This service does not replace or modify any other service by an office on campus, which may have access to all campus e-mails.

What can be submitted to Campus Life Today?

-Submissions must be sponsored, co-sponsored, or directly related to a student organization or department; or have a legitimate connection and valid interest in the Stout campus community.

-Submissions must relate directly to the university and all students (e.g. not just graduating seniors, freshman or any other segmented groups).

-Submissions must be advertising an event, meeting or announcement that would be applicable to the general student population.

-Submissions cannot be used to address a particular viewpoint or belief on a topic.

-Submissions must represent more than one person's interests. For example, a single student offering his/her service to the campus is not acceptable but generally a group of students offering a service/event is acceptable

How do you submit to Campus Life Today?

-One must be a member of UW-Stout's faculty, staff, or student body with a UW-Stout email address.

-Submissions must be made through this OrgSync form at

-Submissions must be received no later than 12:00PM (NOON) the week day before you want it included (i.e. message for Tuesday must be submitted no later than 12:00PM on Monday and messages for Monday are due no later than 12:00PM on Friday)

-Submissions will only be run 3 times, as directed by the person submitting the event. The suggested publication schedule is: two weeks prior, once the week of, and lastly the day of the event.

-Submissions advertising an event or meeting for student organizations, must also create the event/meeting in the organization's OrgSync portal.  For directions on how to create an event in OrgSync visit

Campus Life Today schedule

-Campus Life Today runs on weekdays only.

-Campus Life Today does not run over holidays or days that school will not be in session.  A select summer schedule will be determined each year.

Campus Life Today reserves the right to reject and edit them accordingly for content. Campus Life Today reserves the right to modify these rules as it sees fit.

Sample Submission

The Campus Life Today form has changed! If you would like to learn more about the changes that have occurred in Campus Life Today, please join us for an information session!

Date: Wednesday, September 13
Time:7:00 PM
Location: The Terrace, MSC
Sponsored by: Involvement Center
For more information contact: Involvement Center

Please note that any fields irrelevant to your submission, won't be included in the email. Please be sure to include the required information in the appropriate field. If you have any questions, please contact

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