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UW-Stout Today Submission Form

Welcome to the submission form for UW-Stout Today, the daily email to inform faculty and staff of news and events.

The five-day schedule resumes this week. Submissions for Friday, Aug. 28, and Monday, Aug. 31, must be in no later than 10 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 26.


Refer to the guidelines listed below before submitting.

  • Submissions must relate directly to the university, its employees or students.
  • Information should be as clear and concise as possible. Acronyms and abbreviations should be avoided but if used, defined.
  • University Communications reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity and style. We use the Associated Press Stylebook and UW-Stout Publications Style Guide  in the editing process. Refer to the link for information. See daily email helpful hints below.
  • Submissions may appear one or two times and must be received by noon the day before the first requested post. We suggest announcements to appear once a few days before the event or deadline and again either the day of or the day before. When completing the form specify the two post dates.
  • The form allows a maximum of 800 characters, approximately 135 words. Lengthy submissions with complex formatting should be posted on a website. Daily email will provide a brief introduction and a link to the site. You will be asked to submit a url — Web address — in the form.
  • For assistance in publishing information on your website, contact your department's Web editor or Gary Schuster, university Web coordinator and digital marketing specialist, at ext. 2282. [Instructions for posting Word documents and PDFs on the Web]

Daily email helpful hints:
When submitting items for daily email, have the following format practices in mind:

  • Do not use exclamation points.
  • Do not use personal pronouns, for example you, we and our.
  • Abbreviate the names of the months with more than two syllables, e.g. Jan., August is the exception.
  • Do not use ampersands unless they are part of a proper noun.
  • Do not capitalize titles, names of academic disciplines or departments unless they are proper nouns, such as English, or the title comes before the name.
  • Do not capitalize university by itself.
  • Do not editorialize; for example, “Come to this exciting event.”
  • Use one space after a period.
  • Do not use boldface, italics or capital letters for emphasis.

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