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UW-Stout Today Submission Form

Welcome to the submission form for UW-Stout Today, the daily email to inform faculty and staff of news and events.

Refer to the guidelines listed below before submitting.

  • Submissions must relate directly to the university, its employees or students and involve faculty and staff. Off-campus events must be sponsored or organized by a university entity to be considered for publication.
  • Staff activities submissions include accomplishments that relate to an employee's professional position, including presentations, panel discussion participation, exhibits and appointment to boards.
  • Information should be clear and concise. Acronyms and abbreviations should be avoided but if used, defined.
  • University Communications reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity and style. We use the Associated Press Stylebook and UW-Stout Publications Style Guide  in the editing process. Refer to the link for information. See daily email helpful hints below.
  • Staff activities can be published once. Other items can be published twice. Submit items only one time unless details about the event change later.
  • Submissions must be received by noon the day before the first requested post. We suggest announcements appear once a few days before the event or deadline and again the day of or the day before. Specify the post date(s) when completing the form.
  • The form allows a maximum of 800 characters, approximately 135 words. Lengthy submissions with complex formatting should be posted on a website. Daily email will provide a brief introduction and a link to the site. A url — Web address — can be submitted within the form. Make sure the url links directly to the correct information.
  • For assistance in publishing information on your website, contact your department's Web editor or Gary Schuster, university Web coordinator and digital marketing specialist, at ext. 2282. [Instructions for posting Word documents and PDFs on the Web]

Daily email helpful hints:
When submitting items for daily email, have the following format practices in mind:

  • Do not use exclamation points.
  • Do not ask questions, e.g. "Do you want to improve your energy level?"
  • Do not editorialize; for example, “Come to this exciting event.”
  • Do not use personal pronouns, for example you, we and our.
  • Abbreviate the names of the months with more than two syllables, e.g. Jan., August is the exception.
  • Do not use ampersands unless they are part of a proper noun.
  • Do not capitalize titles, names of academic disciplines or departments unless they are proper nouns, such as English, or the title comes before the name.
  • Do not capitalize university by itself.
  • Use one space after a period.
  • Do not use boldface, italics or capital letters for emphasis.

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