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Ever wanted to learn another language? Travel to other countries? Learn about global issues and other cultures?

If not, read no further. We are not for you.

But if so, welcome to Global Connections, Appalachian State's community for people who are interested in the wider world.

We study abroad. We learn languages and become engaged in our communities. We come from different backgrounds, have different interests and majors, but share one common goal: We want to become global citizens.

If you share our passion, I invite you to peruse our site, and stay tuned for more information on how to further your interests on campus and beyond.  And check out our certificate. It might just be the credential you need to land your next job or a spot in graduate school.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

-Joseph Gonzalez

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A program that offers its members a chance to travel, help their communities, and receive a certificate for their hard work. The program fosters well-rounded citizens of the world.


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Global Connections

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132 Living Learning Center

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132 Living Learning Center

Bodenheimer Drive
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608

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Joseph Gonzalez