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Haynes Young (left), Neil Hershman (right)

Hey Class of 2022! 

Since our chartering in 1941, PIKE has become a staple of the George Washington University campus and Greek community. It has become clear that our chapter is comprised of the most motivated, competitive, and well-rounded men that GW has to offer. 

Our brothers have served in the highest levels of student government, worked on Colonial Cabinet, led varsity athletic teams, started their own companies and worked for some of the most prestigious government, consulting, legal, and financial firms in Washington.  Regardless of a PIKE's goals, he will find somewhere in DC to make his mark. 

Our chapter's passion to make an impact within GW and the Greek community has given us the opportunity to be recognized as one of the top organizations at GW. PIKE is one of the largest Fraternity chapters on campus and currently has one of the highest cumulative GPAs, the most winning intramural athletics program, thousands of volunteered community service hours, and hosts a wide array of social events. 

The Delta Alpha Chapter is also proud of its standing within our International Fraternity, having won the Robert Adger Smythe Award from Pi Kappa Alpha internationally six times, an award given to only to the top 5% of 220+ chapters around the United States and Canada.  

However, past accomplishments are not the mark of a great Fraternity. The quality and longevity of a Fraternity is defined by its dedication to a brighter future.  The most significant characteristic of a Delta Alpha Pike is his dedication to constantly challenging himself, his fellow brother, and this chapter to be better.  The motto of a PIKE is S.L.A.G: Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and Gentlemen. True PIKEs are the top Scholars in the classroom, the bravest Leaders in the community, the most driven Athletes on the playing field, and the utmost Gentlemen to all. 

Alongside me in the above picture is Jack Carlson, the Spring 2017 Recruitment Chair (pictured on the left). Please feel free to reach out to him via email at with any questions regarding rush. If you have other questions about our chapter, feel free to send a message on here or email me directly at 

Rush Pike!

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Pi Kappa Alpha is dedicated to developing men of integrity, intellect, and high moral character and to fostering a truly lifelong fraternal experience.

Pi Kappa Alpha is rooted in the concept of what are known as the four Pillars of PIKE: Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and Gentlemen. We strive to recruit well-rounded and motivated men who exemplify these four values and will benefit from the experiences, opportunities, and personal development our Fraternity has to offer.

Simply put, PIKE strives for the ideal Fraternity experience. On GW's campus our Brothers can be found contributing to local charities through innovative fundraising events, leading teams to victory on the athletic field, running student organizations, making critical decisions within the University administration, managing community service projects, and above all else, always trying to better themselves while treating others with dignity and respect. Our Chapter is composed of ambitious men motivated to face all challenges and conquer any obstacles on the way to achieving their goals.

But above all else, our Chapter dedicates itself to maintaining the strongest brotherhood on campus. None of our past, present and future accomplishments would be possible without the strong brotherly bonds our Chapter maintains. Although we are composed of many different men from many different backgrounds we share a common love and passion for our Fraternity that pushes us to be the very best we can be. At the end of the day, nothing is more important in a college experience than the people you surround yourself with and we PIKES take pride in selecting the best men on campus.


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