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Letter From the President:

My name is Cameron Saad, president of the Lambda Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa here at The George Washington University, and I would like to personally welcome you to our official chapter OrgSync page!

Since our chapter’s founding in 1899, the brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa have made it our mission to live out the core values that have defined our fraternity: to demand excellence, to commit to lifelong learning, to meet challenges with innovation, and to value brotherhood above self. As you explore this website, you will see that our chapter is more than just a fraternity; we are a family.

I rushed in the Spring of 2018, the first year GW enacted its deferred recruitment policy (Where Freshman can only rush in spring). As I kept coming around the house, I felt Phi Sig (PSK) was my home away from home. To me, by us owning our own house it is a refuge from the outside world and a place where the brothers are able to unwind without having to worry about the outside world. As a potential new member, I was able to see how important the brotherhood was, not just for the integrity of the house but for the Chapter as a whole. I recognized how motivated each member was to leave their own, unique mark not only on the house, but the GW community as a whole.

For those of you thinking about joining our brotherhood, here are some fun facts:

  • Our townhouse on the corner of 21st and F is owned by our alumni, with total upkeep resting on the shoulders of its members. Our property is one of the only off-campus Greek houses, despite being in the middle of campus
  • Despite having a smaller brotherhood, we have one of the largest houses on campus, with the ability to have nine members each live in single rooms.
  • Every year around Halloween, the brothers transform our townhouse into a Halloween themed house in order to raise money for our national charity, The Special Olympics. Over the past few years we're proud to announce we've raised over $2,000 for The Special Olympics.
  • Notable chapter alumni include T.J Miller, famous comedian and actor, Eric Cantor, former House Majority Leader, and Theodore Wilkinson, recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Our Fraternity is constantly on the rise. While we may be in a rebuilding phase, it only means there are more opportunities for our Brothers to have on our Chapter, the IFC, and the GW community. I am currently a Sophomore and am the President, we have a Brother on the Executive Board of the IFC, and a number of our Brothers are leaders in other clubs and organizations throughout campus. In our Fraternity there are many options for leadership roles, you are able to get what you put into it.  Our Chapter offers the unique opportunity of being able to achieve whatever you set your mind to. In fact, during Fall-break a few Brothers and I decided to build a pool table. It's the can-do attitude our chapter has which enables us to accomplish anything we set our minds to. I welcome you to the rest of this site, and thank you for your interest in our chapter. If you would like to contact the chapter with any questions please reach out to


Cameron Saad

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Phi Sigma Kappa is a social fraternity at the George Washington University that exists to serve the promotion of brotherhood, the stimulation of scholarship, and the development of character.


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