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Piali (Hello)

Welcome all CI students! Tlaloc Ollin is excited to invite you to experience indigenous ceremonial dances to honor the heritage of the Native Mesoamerican. 

What is Tlaloc Ollin? Tlaloc is an indigenous deity of the aztec culture representing rains, fertility and water. Ollin, equals movement. Tlaloc Ollin a.k.a. movement of water represents our surroundings of this beautiful institution and CI pride.

Not only will you learn and practice a balanced lifestyle, but you will become closer to mother nature as well as appreciating the energy this earth gives us. When you are able to acknowledge and connect to your inner-self, it will only bring clarity of the mind. Tlaloc Ollin's main purpose is to bring our CI community together and form a bond that will lead to open discussion, acceptance, and most of all equality. It doesn't matter where you come from, how you got here, or where you are going, but you will leave knowing you have a family at CI.

Tlazoclamatli (Thank you) 

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Danza Tlaloc Ollin is a voluntarily organized recreational and instructive Chicano/Chicana student dance club (open to all CSU-CI students) that empowers students through fitness, movement, agility, choreography, collaboration, teamwork, performance and participation. Bringing to life the vital and powerful Mayan/Aztec traditions through a high-energy, coordinated dance. Danza Tlaloc Olin celebrates our shared history and spurs cultural awareness and appreciation of Mesoamerican Indigenous dance traditions.