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Hi! Welcome to Jogo Bonita. Here you will find a friendly community which is in love with everything soccer!

We play soccer, watch games on TV, play FIFA, go to stadiums for big soccer games and support the Fordham Soccer team!

Please join us on our Facebook page:

And email us at if you have not signed up for our emailing list yet!

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Jogo Bonita is the soccer community of Fordham University. 'Jogo Bonita' means Beautiful Game in Portuguese (Soccer's beloved nickname).

[NOTE: Please join our Facebook group ( ) if you haven't already, and email us at if you have not signed up for our emailing list.]

We are here to provide everyone a friendly, casual and fun environment to come together as a community, united by our common interest in soccer.

As a club, we:

1. Play Soccer: Our goal is to make sure everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves to the fullest extent. We welcome players of all levels to join us and we will go above and beyond to ensure that everyone is having fun and improving their abilities in the sport.

2. Screen big Soccer Games on TV: We get together to watch the big games on TV (Champions League, El Classico, etc.)

3. Play FIFA: We have a pretty big gamer community here and we absolutely love playing FIFA (maybe PES too if enough people are interested). We often host tournaments and casual events.

4. Go to the stadiums to watch games: Looking for a group of friends to go watch the next NYFC game? Well, you're in the right place!

5. Support Fordham's Soccer Team: We bleed Maroon through and through.

6. Create a friendly and enjoyable Soccer Community: We will create a positive environment for everyone to be able to openly express their love and passion for soccer with each other. We hope to create a community that would form real bonds which would go far beyond just the realms of soccer.

This club is ran democratically and everyone is encouraged to pitch ideas and participate in the club's decision making processes.

All Fordham students are welcomed to join us.

It is our promise to you that you will find a place here, regardless of your gender, age, skill level, or anything else.


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