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Dakota Steele
Apr 3, 2019

Important: Candidates, read.

Apr 3, 2019 by Dakota Steele

Good Afternoon,

As ground campaigning begins on April 8th, the Elections Board expects all candidates and volunteers to be respectful and kind to each other throughout the election. While it was empowering to see students enthusiastic about issues concerning them on campus, last night got out of hand as that enthusiasm was shown with disrespect, rude comments, profanities, and attacks against students with different beliefs.

We live in a world with diverse views and ideologies. People have different conceptions of life depending on their identities, where they grew up, and how they were raised. While not everyone may agree with someone’s views, to attack and demean others for different views is NOT the type of society we want to live in. That kind of society is one which has historically been flawed and should not be part of our present. We need to work past that and learn to speak with others in a respectful manner which allows for both sides to learn and grow. 

Dialogue is important to growth. So, please remember that as y’all begin campaigning. 

Good luck to everyone,
Dakota Steele