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Ground Campaigning Assignments

Monday at 9 a.m. marks the start of ground campaigning!

There will be three areas to campaign: the old bus stop, Collier Lawn, and the corner nearest to the EMU.

Ducks Empowered has been assigned to the corner nearest the EMU, Oregon Alliance is assigned to Collier Lawn, and UO Is Yours is assigned to the old bus stop.

Each slate will have two tables and a canopy. The tables and canopy will be up all week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Happy Campaigning!



Volunteer Forms Due April 6th

Candidates and Campaign Managers,

Volunteer forms are also due tomorrow Saturday, April 6th at 9 a.m. Volunteer forms follow the same rules as expenditure forms. Any updates must be resubmitted by 7 a.m. each day the polls are open. Please describe any updates at the top of document or highlight any changes.

Thank you,

The Elections Board


Candidates: Expenditure Forms Due Soon!

Candidates and Campaign Managers,

Ground campaigning is around the corner! This is a reminder that expenditure forms are due 48 hours before the polls open or at 9 a.m. Saturday, April 6th. Revisions must also be submitted by 7 a.m. on each of the four days that the polls are open. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the election rules.

Happy Campaigning!

The Elections Board


Important: Candidates, read.

Good Afternoon,

As ground campaigning begins on April 8th, the Elections Board expects all candidates and volunteers to be respectful and kind to each other throughout the election. While it was empowering to see students enthusiastic about issues concerning them on campus, last night got out of hand as that enthusiasm was shown with disrespect, rude comments, profanities, and attacks against students with different beliefs.

We live in a world with diverse views and...


2019 Volunteer Registration Form

This form is required by every individual contributing time or effort promoting or opposing a candidate, slate or ballot measure (also called "campaigning"). Contributing time or effort includes, but is not limited to: direct or indirect voter contact; contributing strategy, advice or consultation support; or assisting with/coordinating the marketing or advertising for campaign-related activity. Fill Out Form

Before Campaigning Begins

Before y'all begin campaigning, here is some important information. 

Media Campaigning begins March 20th. This ENTAILS positing information on media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or New sources. This does NOT include using listservs, Orgsync, or club e-mails to advertise (this is not allowed in general).

Ground Campaigning begins April 8th. This ENTAILS tabling, passing out flyers, speaking at club meetings, and media. This does NOT include speaking in...


Candidate Photos For Voter Guide

  Friday, March 15th, 4-5 pm Tuesday, March 19th, 4:30-5:15 pm


All Candidates for ASUO Office are eligible to have a professional photo taken and there is no cost to participate. Even if you sent in a photo to be used in the voter guide, you should get one taken as some of the photos submitted are not transferring well to the website and appear blurry. To ensure that the voter guide represents you best, come get a photo taken. 

Either drop-in or sign-up on this...


Submit questions for the Presidential Debate!

Have a question you want your presidential candidates to answer? Click the link below to submit it.

To hear your questions answered, join us for the Presidential Debate on Tuesday, April 2nd at 5pm in Global Scholars Hall Room 123!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email us at 

Allison Domínguez 

ASUO Elections Commissioner


ASUO Candidate Filing Reminder

Reminder: Candidate filing is a FOUR step process. 1. Collect signatures using the petition form provided (Senate and ASUO President/VP Candidates only) 2. All candidates file for office by completing the Candidate and Campaign Manager Filing Form prior to the deadline. 3. All candidates complete a FERPA Release Form prior to the deadline. 4. All candidates submit Data for Voter Guide prior to the deadline.   The deadline to complete all four steps in order to seek ASUO Office...


2019 Ballot Measure Filing Form

Please use this form to file your Initiative or Referendum. You will need:

A copy of the ballot measure, as approved by ASUO Constitution Court; and A copy of the Constitution Court ruling which approves your proposed ballot measure; and Either an upload containing the signatures of at least 5% of ASUO's membership (must use the Ballot Measure Signature Form provided by ASUO) or, for authorized ASUO Officials only, the date in which the Student Senate passed your...

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