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Rose Caplan
Apr 20, 2015

GSU Panthers Help at Adams Park as L.E.A.D. Realizes a Dream for Atlanta's Black Youth

Apr 20, 2015 by Rose Caplan

Batting Cages at Adams ParkThere is too much underdeveloped human capital in my city but better days are ahead - we now have batting cages at Adams Park. Batting cages are laboratories that can prepare you to win at the game of life. -C.J. Stewart - Co-founder L.E.A.D.

C.J.'s baseball career began at Adams Park located in the inner city of Atlanta in 1983 with one thing on his mind - playing for the Chicago Cubs.  His dream came true, and he was drafted by the Chicago Cubs.  You can read about how C.J. achieved his goal here and how after his career with the Cubs was over he came to realize that he was in it for the fame and money.  He also realized he was selfish and reckless.  But, C.J. will tell you that "God allowed me to touch the Ivy of Wrigley Field, so that I would have the capacity to serve and lead others."

L.E.A.D.'s C.J. Stewart and GSU Panther Baseball playersC.J. and his teammates never dreamed of having batting cages at Adams Park when they played fact, they didn't even know such equipment existed.  C.J. now knows that batting cages not only exist, but that they will be a necessary tool in helping Atlanta's black youth, who - contrary to media reports - love baseball and want to play, compete with the rest of the world.  Special thanks to Coca-Cola for continuing to step up to the plate for Atlanta inner city youth.

C.J. sums up his experience - "Baseball players from Georgia State University and I coached kids in the new turfed cages and that was a surreal moment for me. I fought the tears and simply gave the glory to God."