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Opportunity to apply at Entre-SLAM

Entrepreneurs In Action (EIA) is proud to provide info on an upcoming event at TechTown Detroit called Entre-SLAM, run by our adviser Christa Chambers-Price. This is a cool opportunity & EIA recommends that interested students to please apply. About Entre-SLAM: Entre-SLAM, invites you to apply to join the first ever business storytelling accelerator. This rigorous and rewarding program will feature a 4-week business narrative, sales and digital...


Giving Back as an Entrepreneur

Crawling in the back of the car, I began lifting cases of water in front of me to pass on to my fellow officers of Entrepreneurs in Action, a student organization at Oakland University. The water cases, which we had just purchased for St. Mary’s Church in Flint, filled the entire car, but with our hard work, the water cases were soon out of the car and in the hands of the people who needed them. Before the day was over, we had donated and distributed 60 cases of water to the residents of...


EIA’s event w/ Arianna Carley – What you missed

Last week, we introduced Arianna Carley, CEO / Co-Founder of AOE Medical and University of Michigan student. Arianna spoke with us on how to maintain balance as a student entrepreneur. She answered questions from audience and was happy to interact directly with EIA members. She provided great insights on how to be successful overall and it was a pleasure to have her. Here are some highlights from the event:

Organize Your Time Arianna heavily stressed the importance of time...


Strike a Balance as Student / Entrepreneur

Thursday, Apr 7, 5:30 pm
Elliot Hall 235

Entrepreneurs In Action presents - Strike a Balance as Student/Entrepreneur

Our presenter is Arianna Carley - CEO / Co-Founder of AOE Medical and University of Michigan student. She is a problem solver, an innovator & we are proud to have her as our speaker. Arianna will share her tips as entrepreneur, business owner & student including what it takes to juggle business/work needs and school.

The event is free & open to all students. There will also be free food...

Will you be attending?

EIA's Event with Dr. Mark Simon - Here's what you missed

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

Last week, Dr. Mark Simon took time to speak on his past experiences as an entrepreneur and gave inspiring advice on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and enjoying life at the same time.

Here are some key takeaways from his discussion:

Measure Your Success

What do you want out of your life? Money? Freedom? Being your own boss? What will it take to attain that level of success? Simple answer: Create...


Ellen K Searle commented on the event Join us for a discussion with Dr. Mark Simon

Join us for a discussion with Dr. Mark Simon

Wednesday, Feb 10, 3:30 pm
New Engineering Center - EC 279

Discussion & presentation by Dr Mark Simon, who is OU's professor of management & entrepreneurship. Dr. Simon will talk about his entrepreneurship success & provide tips on starting new ventures, identifying promising new ideas as well as improving the entrepreneurial lifestyle. He will also answer any student questions. The event is open to all OU students for free. Event will provide free food & refreshments.

About Entrepreneurs in Action (EIA): Helping students...

Will you be attending?


Ellen K Searle

Just to clarify, the event will be held in 279 Engineering Center, not Elliott Hall as previously advertised.

Brandon Hanna commented on the news post Becoming An Entrepreneur Right Out Of College

Becoming An Entrepreneur Right Out Of College

You’ve done it. You’ve earned your degree and you’re on to a new chapter of your life. So what now? You can begin to search for a job in your field of study and send your resume to a thousand potential employers. But you’re different. You’re motivated and favor the control and excitement that comes with being an entrepreneur. So Invest in yourself. You’ve made it this far with hard work, by transitioning that ethic into your own business success will follow. For now, to help you get...



Brandon Hanna

This is great!

Get to know your LinkedIn contacts (LinkedIn post)

Please view on post "Get to know your LinkedIn contacts – reach out to them" on LinkedIn. Link below:

The post talks about the strong need to know our LinkedIn contacts. IMHO, the possibilities could be boundless.

About Entrepreneurs in Action (EIA): Entrepreneurs in Action (or affectionately called EIA) is committed to helping its members be successful towards their...


Startup Grind event with Romy Gingras (of Gingras Global)

Hello all EIA members including those who have just started their first semester at OU. Welcome.

Just quick intro to EIA below and next I will talk about my time at yesterday’s event - "Startup Grind Detroit Hosts Romy Gingras (Gingras Global)"


About EIA: Entrepreneurs in Action (or affectionately called EIA) is committed to helping its members be successful towards their entrepreneurial goals by having events such as presentations and training sessions from...


June 2015 - The longest month of the year (Linkedn post)

Please view on post "June 2015 - The longest month of the year" on LinkedIn. Link below:


The post talks about my business venture, Techtown Detroit and the difficult balancing act in managing full time expectations and my entrepreneurial needs & wants.


Entrepreneurs In Action - First Event

Thursday, Apr 2, 4:45 pm
Elliot Hall, Room 210

Entrepreneurs In Action first event! 

Guest speaker Rai P.  Bhargava, President and CEO of Marysville Ethanol, LLC, has been involved in the energy business for over 40 years.  Members Showcase – 5 to 10 minute presentation from our members

This event is free & Open to all OU students. There will be free food & refreshments!

Will you be attending?

Startup Grind at Detroit (3/18/2015) - Interview w/ Guy Kawasaki

Fantastic event at Startup Grind. The organizer had a live webinar with Guy Kawasaki.  Got a lot to learn and had an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs in the metro Detroit area .

Guy discussed everything from how to get startups going, to his role at Apple and working with Steve Jobs. His key point - One of the game changers for today’s start up is leveraging social media for marketing products and services.

For more info, get his book – Art of the Start...