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Photo Exhibition

Friday, Feb 24, 5 pm
LLC South

Photo Exhibition is an event that opens to all the UO students. Students can attend this event to show their talents, share their stories, and let other people learn more about Asian culture.We provide free food and beverages.

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Mahjong Race

Saturday, Oct 29, 5 pm
Gerlinger Lounge

Majong is a Chinese traditional game, which is played widely among Chinese people. So we want to hold this event on campus, let UO students know more about the Mahjong culture, learn how to play Mahjong and win the game. Food are provided.

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Photo Exhibition: The best moment of your life

Friday, Feb 26, 6 pm
LLC South 101

As photograph exhibition is the best way to show Asian spirit, which can't be a better chance for UO students to know Asian culture. It not only let participants to discover the best moment in their life, but also makes it possible for all the students who attend the event to appreciate other's artistic work and get better understanding of Asian culture. We are also providing free snack and drink among the exhibition. 

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Who's Still Standing

Friday, Nov 13, 6:30 pm
GSH Great Room

In this event we will introduce Asian culture in questionnaire format to let students understand more about current trend. It is important and meaningful for students in different culture get to know Asian culture due to Asian student bodies are increasing in the university. As far as we participate in most other student groups event, we realize there is no such an event for students to increase understandings by questionnaire which can build a positive competition between students. And...

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Running Man

Friday, Oct 16, All Day

The event serves as a platform for students to improve the sense of team sprite and communication between students. We will also provide food at the end of the event.

The even of Running Man shows that life is always in motion. Taking part in it, participators' ability at running will be challenged, and fascinating Asian culture will be with participators during the whole process. 

The event brings indispensable benefits to participators’ body and mind, so more and more...

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