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What is University Mission & Ministry?
University Mission & Ministry (UMM) is an integral part
of the University of the Incarnate Word.
Rooted in the Catholic tradition and inspired by the charism and spirituality
of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word,
the Offices of University Mission & Ministry are committed
to cultivating the faith of all UIW students, faculty, and staff. 

 UMM is not a club or organization.
If you are on this campus, you are a part of UMM.
Grounded in our Mission we provide many opportunities
to explore your faith, values, and purpose.

 Explore the web pages to learn more about UMM
and the many ways in which you may be a part of the programs
and opportunities associated with our five Core Areas –
prayer, liturgy, outreach, faith development, and pastoral care.
We encourage you to contact us for more information,
with your questions, and to share your ideas and interests.


Portal Information


The purpose of
University Mission & Ministry is to...
…make “the love of God, as shown in the Incarnation, a real and tangible presence in the world” (CCVI Constituion, C-2).

We do this by…

...engaging University life through prayer, liturgy, outreach, faith development, and pastoral care. While expressing a Catholic identity and Incarnational spirituality of the founding Sisters, we are enriched by the religious tradition of each individual. Mission & Ministry seeks to empower this community to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ by facilitating initiatives of service, peace, and justice.

Student Ministry interns are an integral part of this ministry and their growth in faith and development of leadership skills is a core aspect of our ministry. Together, the professional staff and student Ministry Interns seek to extend an invitation to all students, faculty, and staff to explore formative issues of faith,
values and purpose.


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Beth Villarreal

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