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Identity Narratives Presentation

The Presentation:

Center staff and volunteers serve on a panel and share a narrative of their own identity development. The initial questions the panel answers is: describe the events, processes, thoughts, etc., that contributed to your current LGBTQIA identities, and describe what your current identities mean to you. Following is an opportunity for Q&A with the audience. This presentation can be completed in 50 minutes or 1 hour and 15 minutes.


The Form:

This is the Identity Narratives Presentation request form. If you are requesting multiple presentations, please fill out one form per request--it helps us not get confused and accidentally miss one of your requests. Please answer all the questions, as they help us put together a panel that meets the needs of your group/club/class/material/focus. If you have any questions please email PRIDE Center Program Coordinator Chris Kent at

And thank you for requesting a panel! Almost 1,600 students saw a panel during academic year 2014-2015!

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