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Thank you for visiting the Model International Organization OrgSync Page. Model International Organization is the premier international student organization on the University of North Texas campus with a focus on pertinent international issues and global policy. Model International Organization adheres to the paradigm that the most important thing to a university is an educated and well informed student body. Thus we are dedicated to the practice of diplomacy and nurturing a globally minded student body on the University of North Texas and abroad.

Our on campus activities include weekly discussions on global issues, exciting cultural and social events, our annual North Texas Invitational Model United Nations (NTIMUN) for High School students, and our newest addition North Texas High School Model Arab League (NTHMAL). Our weekly meetings focus on discussion of worldwide issues such as defense and security; regional stability; and transnational issues ranging from energy and climate to global development and economic integration. In concert with our meetings, we also host lectures and panels throughout the year with varied focuses from Pakistani politics, to the Arab spring, to the efficacy of international law.

Model International Organization's off campus activities center around Model Arab League, Model United Nations, and Model Organization of American States competitions. During these competitions our collegiate delegations use diplomatic skill and knowledge of international conflict simulating the decision making processes of international governing bodies. Model International Organization helps to develop the capacity of our future leaders to comprehend the interconnected nature of the world around us. 

Welcome to Model International Organization! Please join us at our biweekly general meetings Tuesday at 7 PM in Sage 230

For more information please contact us at

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Model International Organization (MIO) is a student organization which helps foster interest in and discussion about international affairs. Each semester, MIO presents lectures, attends and hosts Model UN conferences, and organizes numerous social and cultural events.


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The purpose of Model International Organization is to foster interest in and discussion about international and foreign affairs through a series of activities such as academic lectures, social gatherings, and competitive Model Organization conferences (MOAS, MAL, MUN) where students take on the role of foreign delegates and participate in simulations of intergovernmental bodies.

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Tuesday's at 7:00 PM in Sage 330

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Ram Kaashyap Prasanna

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