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RCAF 2016 Presenter Survey

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How did you learn about RCAF (select all that apply)?
Was this the 1st category of your choice in your application?
Were you satisfied in presenting in this category?
Rank the effectiveness of communications between you and the GPC RCAF Organizing Committee.
Were you satisfied with the judges in your category? Do you think they were fair and helpful?
Rank the quality of feedback you received from your judges. Were feedback helpful in improving your future presentations/research?
Did you have enough time to present? Presentation time scheduled in your category was:
5min Q&A was:
If you were a session chair (thank you!). Did you feel you were provided with enough information for you to chair the session?
Overall, how would you rate your experience at RCAF 2016?
Will you let your friends/colleagues and more graduate/professional students know about RCAF?
Are you coming back for RCAF 2017?

Thank you! We hope to see you again next year!