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Thankful For You Turkeys

Wednesday, Nov 7, 10 am
Drill field

We will be out on the drill field and encouraging people by making and passing out "Thankful For You" little colored turkeys.

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Thankful For You Turkeys

Tuesday, Nov 13, 10 am

We will be in the union encouraging people by making and passing out little colored "Thankful For You" turkey sheets.

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Where are the events?

I know that some of you wanted to RSVP for the Backpack Event but couldn't find the event on our page. 

First, I encourage you to sign up on the Google Doc so that you sign up for a specific time.

Health Promotion and Wellness has already made an event for it, so you can RSVP there. A lot of our other events are on there as well.

So if you don't see an event on...


When could you come to a meeting?

The results are currently hidden.


Welcome to all our freshmen!

Welcome back to our returning members!


We are so pumped for this new school year and hope you are too!


We will have a booth on the Drill Field today for anyone who wants to find out more about us.


I'll send out an email soon about meeting dates and times, so don't worry about that yet.


For now, just go to class, do your work, and remember to take care of yourself. Drink plenty of...


Finals Study Break

Wednesday, Apr 25, 11 am
Drill field

This is a time to take a break from finals. We'll be providing free food and drinks and stress free activities and stress balls. It will happen on Wednesday, April 25th from 11am to 2pm on the Drill Field.

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New members

Hi everyone!

I've noticed that a lot of people have joined us on Orgsync.

To keep up with all of our events and find out new information, email to be added to our email list.

That will have the latest info and links to videos about mental health.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email with the address above.

Thanks everyone!

Hannah Barulli

Chapter President


Active Minds General Meeting

Wednesday, Mar 8, 5 pm
McCool 128

This is just a general meeting. Nothing special is planned for it, but we will be planning other meetings and events during this time.

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General Meeting

Wednesday, Feb 22, 5 pm
McCool 128

We'll be watching a clip from Glee and discuss eating disorders/ body image.

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Eating Disorder Awareness

Wednesday, Feb 22, 11 am
Drill Field

We will have a table next to the Health Promotion and Wellness's hut on the drill field to spread awareness about eating disorders.

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Active Minds Planning Meeting

Wednesday, Feb 8, 3:30 pm
140 Magruder Street

This meeting is for the officers and anyone else interested in planning or volunteering for events.

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