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Student Free Expression: Demonstration and Fixed Exhibit Form

Individual students or recognized student organizations intending to organize a demonstration are encouraged to notify the Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) two (2) business days before the demonstration.

Fixed exhibits, due to their unique nature, must be coordinated with the DOS in consultation with other stakeholders (Campus Reservations, Campus Safety, Facilities, etc.). Individual students or recognized student organizations wishing to sponsor a fixed exhibit must submit a request via LUCentral at least two (2) business days before installation.

Upon receiving this form as notification, a representative of the DOS will invite organizers to meet to discuss needs, resources, and avenues of support to ensure your event is successful. Notifications received fewer than two (2) days before the demonstration may be reviewed subject to staff availability; however, support and resources may be limited.

The following form is for students who wish to exercise their right to freedom of speech, expression, and assembly. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the policies associated with Student Free Expression, please familiarize yourself with the Community Standards Handbook (Article V, Section 507).

Please read all the instructions closely and fill out the form entirely. 

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