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The Residence Hall Association cultivates the personal and professional growth of residents through leadership opportunities such as C.O.R.E. and NACURH, helps promote a positive and inclusive environment through student programming and initiatives, and strives to advocate for students through department and campus engagement.

Portal Information


The Residence Hall Association promotes personal and professional growth of residents, creates a positive environment through student programming, and strives to advocate for students through department and campus engagement.



Selection Process/Membership Requirements

Please list information about the organizations selection process and include membership requirements if applicable.

All Residents of Mississippi State University are free to join the MSU Residence Hall Association!

Executive Officers are required to complete the following, in addition to position-related tasks:
- Hold and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5
- Host 8 office hours each week.
- Cannot hold the position of Resident Advisor during their term of office.

Officer #1 Position Title


Officer #1 Name

Deb Eseyin

Officer #1 Email
Officer #2 Position Title

Vice President

Officer #2 Name

Taylor Barr

Officer #2 Email
Advisor Name

Kenzie Bloom

Advisor Title

Area Coordinator


Please upload your organization's constitution.

What types of events do you hold?

(For example: social, service, brotherhood/sisterhood, leadership, physical/fitness, etc.)

Social and educational campus-wide programming, in-hall leadership experience through executive board creation and development, and service to campus through legislative processes.