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Education for Social Change: The 70th Anniversary of the Nakbah (“Catastrophe”) and Teaching Palestine

Thursday, Mar 29, 6 pm
CAS 235

As the 70th Anniversary of the Nakbah approaches on May 15, 2018, we celebrate the resistance and courage of young people both in Palestine and across the world (particularly those children detained by the Israeli military in its occupation prisons). After 70 years, the Israeli occupation continues to dismantle, destroy the lives of Palestinian people worldwide. Teachers play an essential role in this struggle of liberation. To teach freedom, justice and humanity is to teach youth about...

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South African and Israeli Apartheid

Monday, Apr 4, 7 pm
BU School of Education Rm 130

This event will consist of a panel of three speakers. They will discuss the similarities and differences between the South African and Israeli apartheids.

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Open Mic with Remi Kanazi

Tuesday, Oct 27, 7:30 pm
BU Central

Open Mic night featuring Palestinian poet, Remi Kanazi.

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Women in Palestine: Evolution of the Palestinian Feminist Movement

Thursday, Mar 5, 4 pm
GSU Terrace Lounge

At a 2006 Palestine Center briefing, Dr. Ghada Hashem Talhami addressed the political status of women in Palestine and the dynamic between their identity as women and the broader nationalist struggle against occupation. Speaking in honor of International Women’s Day (March 8), Talhami argued that Palestinian feminism can only be understood within the context of the Palestinian national struggle. Talhami is the author of several books, including Palestinian Refugees: Pawns to Political...

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Limited spaces available