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Welcome to the official OrgSync page of the Missouri Students Association, the undergraduate student government at MU! We are dedicated to enhancing student experiences through the opportunities available for student leadership in our student government senate, auxiliary services and executive departments. Please connect with us on OrgSync to learn more about our upcoming events, opportunities and resources we have for student use!

Portal Information


The Missouri Students Association (MSA) is the undergraduate student government at MU. MSA is the umbrella organization for three student run departments, legislative advocacy, a fully functioning student senate and several auxiliary services. MSA is the resource for students to enhance their experiences. Because we are student run, student opinions help us make our decisions!


Executive Branch

Advisor Name

Bryan Goers

Advisor Email

Provide physical address and room number (if appropriate) so students interested in visiting are able to locate you.

2500 MU Student Center

Location Description

Provide a text explanation of where your space is located so students interested in visiting are able to locate you.

Center for Student Involvement, above the bookstore, in the MU Student Center


Provide normal operating hours for academic year

Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm

Phone Number

Provide a generic number students should contact if interested in more information.


Email Address

Provide resource account students may contact for further information. Only use individual staff email if resource account is not available. Please refrain from using individual student email addresses.

Get Involved

Briefly list and explain ways students can get involved with your office or program. This includes but is not limited to employment, volunteer, and leadership positions as well as general membership.

MSA has many ways students can get involved. Students can join the Missouri Students Association senate, which elects new students every semester; join a standing committee to advise the chancellor on decisions; get involved with any of the departments or legislative advocacy or join an auxiliary service.


Briefly list and describe annual events, class offerings, workshops, etc that students can attend.

The Missouri Students Association elects new representatives to the student government every semester. Many MSA departments have programs and events to enhance the student experience while they are at MU.