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SGA Elections Complaint Form 2019-20

Candidate Violations

Any member of the University community may report a violation of Election Guidelines by filing the form below.

  • All complaint forms will be reviewed within 72 hours by the Center for Student Involvement, and if deemed necessary, the CSI director or designee shall open an investigation.
  • At the time an official investigation is opened, the investigator will notify the parties who filed the complaint and the candidate/s in question and ask for all pertinent information.
  • Following the completion of the investigation, the CSI Director will notify all parties involved of the investigation findings and issue a sanction if necessary.
  • Possible Sanctions: The Center for Student Involvement may issue the following sanctions, or may impose additional sanctions as needed.
    • Written warning ordering that that the behavior cease and desist, and that candidate if the candidate does not cooperate, they may be disqualified and removed from the election.
    • Written warning and loss of campaigning time and materials, meaning a candidate cannot promote their self during the designated time frame
    • Disqualification from the election. If this sanction is imposed prior to the election period, the candidate will be removed. If the sanction is imposed during the election period, the candidate will remain on the ballot, but their votes will not be counted, and the candidate with the next highest vote count will be declared the winner. If this position is un-opposed, the organization will have to seek to fill the position though their vacancy process.
  • If candidate campaign materials are removed as part of a sanction, the Center for Student Involvement, University of Baltimore and its employees will not be held liable for any damage that might be incurred.
  • The Election Commission will take all previous violations into consideration when determining the severity of any sanction.
  • If a candidate is disqualified from the election, their subsequent candidacy for a leadership position within SGA may be limited.
  • If the violation is of a policy, law, or rule from the Federal or State Government, University System of Maryland, or the University of Baltimore, all findings and recommendations will be sent to the Office of Community Life for campus conduct/judicial proceedings.
    • Appeals: Candidate/s who have been sanctioned by the Center for Student Involvement have the right to appeal any sanction against them. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Center for Student Involvement within 5 business days of the official sanction being issued. Appeals should indicate the specific grounds on which the appeal is based and present all information that supports this claim. This information may include 1) new information not previously known prior to the sanction being issued; 2) procedural errors that may have impacted the fairness or process of the investigation; 3) a claim that the severity of the sanction issued is not congruent with the violation.
    • Once received, the Center for Student Involvement will review all documentation and determine whether there are valid grounds for an appeal or not. If the grounds of the appeal are determined valid, the CSI Director or designee will convene an ad-hoc committee of Student Success and Support Services staff members to consider the matter.
    • If the candidate wishes to further appeal sanctions after review by the Center for Student Involvement, or if the candidate or interested parties have concerns with the Center for Student Involvement’s handling of the election process, those concerns should be directed to the Executive Director of Student Development in the Office of the Associate Vice President for Student Success and Support Services.

If you have any questions about this complaint form or any election guideline or procedure, e-mail Center for Student Involvement at or call 410.837.5417.

This form closed on April 24, 2019 12:00 PM EDT