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Music Maker Productions Application 2018-2019

Our application/interview process has three rounds, with each round holding equal weight. The first round is based strictly off the application, the second is a group interview, and the third round is an individual interview with exec. The application is to be submitted no later than 5 p.m. on Thursday, August 30th. On Friday August 31st at 8am you will receive an email with our decision on group interviews and further instructions in regards to the next round. If you do make it to the group interview portion of the application process, you will need to sign up for a group interview with the link attached. 

Group interviews will take place on September 4th in Union 328. The group interview is casual and will be with all of the active members. Following the group interview, on September 5th, you will receive another email with our decision for individual interviews. The third round, individual interviews, will begin that night, so be sure to sign up for an individual interview before 5pm if you make it to that round.

The final round is an individual interview with the MMP executive board, a selected member of MMP, and the Music Maker advisors. These will be held September 5th. Following the business professional interview, on September 6th you will come to Suite 314 to pick up the final letter between 9a.m-4p.m.

If you are selected to be a member of Music Maker Productions, your first meeting will be that evening, September 6th, at 5p.m. (you must show up to join). 

Important Dates to Remember

  • April 16 - Application Opens
  • April 25 - Meet the Music Makers (Barnes & Noble)
  • August 29 - Interest Meeting 
  • August 30 - Applications Due at 5pm 
  • August 31 - First Round Letter Pick Up (Suite 314 of the Union/9am-5pm)
  • September 4- Group Interviews
  • September 5 - Second Round Letter Pick Up (Suite 314 of the Union/9am-4pm)
  • September 5 - Individual Interviews
  • September 6 - Final Round Letter Pick Up (Suite 314 of the Union/ 9am-4pm)
  • September 6 - First MMP Meeting (Union 325 5pm)

Although Music Maker Productions is an exclusive organization, we love meeting and getting to know the students that we work so hard to serve. Always feel free to stop by our office, give feedback, or shoot us an email//tweet. We really look forward to meeting all of you. Good luck with applications! 

Allie Nichols
Student Director
Music Maker Productions

Connect With Us:

Twitter: @Music_Maker
Instagram: @msu_mmp

This form closed on August 30, 2018 5:00 PM CDT