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Welcome to African People's Association

Portal Information


To unite African students and develop culture to non-African students



Officer #1 Position Title (i.e. President)

This should be your President or the equivalent


Officer #1 Rockets Email
Officer #1 Name

Nicolette Okoro

What day of the week does this organization hold its meeting?


What time does the meeting start?

7:00 PM

What is the typical meeting room for this organization?

3018 in the Student Union

Please list your organization's Facebook page
Please list your organization's Twitter handle
Additional Social Media Link
UT Advisor Name

Tracey Hidalgo

Selection Process/Membership Requirements

Please describe (based on your constitution) the organization's selection process and include membership requirements if applicable. You must have a method of differentiating voting members from non-voting members in order to be able define quorum as required to conduct business and amend the constitution.

1. Member shall be a student at UT.
2. A full member shall pay membership dues.
3. A full member shall have privileges in the General Assembly.
4. A full member shall attend at least 60% of the meetings which will occur once a month or whenever deemed necessary by the executive board.
5. A full member shall be entitled to a copy of the constitution.
6. Only a full member shall have the privilege to be elected to the Executive Committee of A.P.A.


Please upload your organization's constitution. The constitution must have all of the requirements to be approved (see the sample constitution above).