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Welcome to the Denison Community Association (DCA)!

DCA is Denison's largest student organization. DCA operates as an umbrella organization, containing 19 community service committees. Working alongside the Alford Center for Service Learning, DCA is the home of all extracurricular volunteer activities at Denison. DCA Cabinet is DCA's student-led administrative body. Cabinet runs community service projects every Saturday while classes are in session. Saturday Service gives students the opportunity to do a different volunteer project each week! Another part of DCA is the Events Committee, which organizes several one-day service projects throughout the year, including 9/11 Day of Service and Make a Difference Day. 

Check out our website and the list of our Committee Chairs!

If you have any questions, please email us at

DCA Cabinet 2013- 2014

President - Danny Persia,
Vice President - Laura Venzke,
Education Coordinator - Peter Hurford,
Treasurer - Luchen Peng,
Secretary - Alex Couch,
Public Relations Coordinator - Stephanie Lemut,
Hours Coordinator - Abbey Torrence,
Reflection Coordinator - Emma Share,
Events Captain - Alana Murray,
DCA Advisor - Susie Kalinoski,

DCA Events Committee 2013- 2014

Eileen Baer
Emma Bosley-Smith
Jacob Dennie
Carolin Frias
Tyler Gibson
Phuong Hoang
Xinyi Hua
Shannon Laws
Ruth Orevba
Emily Printz
Erin Worden
Xueying Xia

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