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Thank you for visiting our page! Feel free to contact any of us for more information about the Toledo Betas. We are a fraternity that doesn't only accept diversity, but we celebrate diversity and the individuality of our members so that everyone feels comfortable and confident being themselves. We wish you the best with your academic and social endeavors and look forward to meeting you!

Portal Information


Sigma Lambda Beta is a multicultural fraternity that was founded on the principles of brotherhood, scholarship, cultural awareness, and community service. We aim to serve the needs and wants of all people by promoting the ideals of fairness, opportunity and equality. Diversity within our organization isn't just accepted, it is celebrated as we encourage tolerance for the views of others.


Greek Life

Officer #1 Position Title (i.e. President)

This should be your President or the equivalent


Officer #1 Rockets Email
Officer #1 Name

Querino Espino

National Organization Name

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Incorperated

National Organization Website
What day of the week does this organization hold its meeting?


What time does the meeting start?

6:15 PM

What is the typical meeting room for this organization?

Rocket Hall 1226

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UT Advisor Name

Jose Olivarez

UT Advisor Title

Advisor's position at The University of Toledo


Selection Process/Membership Requirements

Please describe (based on your constitution) the organization's selection process and include membership requirements if applicable. You must have a method of differentiating voting members from non-voting members in order to be able define quorum as required to conduct business and amend the constitution.

Men who are interested in joining Sigma Lambda Beta must be full time students (12 credit hours) and have a college, cumulative GPA of at least a 2.5. If they are a first semester freshman, they must have a high school GPA of at least a 3.0.
Voting members are all members of SLB (full and part time students) who have paid their national and chapter dues and have not missed 3 meetings in one semester.


Please upload your organization's constitution. The constitution must have all of the requirements to be approved (see the sample constitution above).