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Handgames with BICA

Saturday, Sep 17, 2016
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM MST
Barrett, the Honors College outside the dining hallMap Location

Come play Hand games (also called Stick games) with the Barrett Indigenous Culture Association! Attendees will be split into teams of seven and teams will then play each other. The basic rules are as follows:

- Two people on Team 1 each have a bead that they hide in one of their hands. Team 2 chooses one person to have the stick, with which they guess where both of the beads are in the opponent's hands

- If the guesser is correct, Team 2 gets a point and the teams continue playing

- If the guesser is incorrect, they switch tasks so that Team 2 has two people hide the beads and Team 1 gets to guess where the beads are

- Whichever team gets to ten points first, wins!