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Information Center Ticket Sales Requisition

The Information Center in the Fisher Student Center can assist your organization, office, or department with distributing or selling of any event tickets that are Bryant University related.

If you require tickets to be printed, please contact Karen Misiaszek directly ( 7 days prior to the first day of ticket sales for your event.


A Ticket Requisition Form must be submitted electronically 7 days in advance for approval before selling or distribution of tickets may take place at the Information Center. Amanda Schadlick, Assistant Director of Student Services, will be in contact with you if there are any questions or if further information is needed.

All tickets should be numbered consecutively (101,102, etc)

Please provide an event poster as well as your tickets numbered consecutively at least 5 days in advance to Amanda Schadlick in the Office of Campus Engagement - Operations (2nd floor FSC).

The Information Center will use a standard ticket registry for distribution of tickets with the following information unless the group needs more information in which the group must provide the registry electronically to Amanda five days in advance with the tickets and event poster. 

Name, ID, Date, Ticket #, Faculty/Staff/Student, Deposit/Amount.

For ticket sales, a cash box of $25 will be signed out under your office/organization from the Center Operations office until the final day of sales.

It is your responsibility to pick up the unused tickets as well any profit generated from the Center Operations office no later than 1 business day after the end of the ticket sales.  Only the person(s) listed on the form will have access to the tickets, money, and ticket information.    

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