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Welcome to the Health Occupations Students of America at Texas Tech University.

HOSA is an organization for anyone in a Pre-Health degree plan! Our meetings and events are set up to help our members achieve the goal of pursuing a career in any health related field. 

Please check the calendar to see our upcoming events, read our profile to learn a little more about us, or contact an officer with any questions!  

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Health Occupations Students of America is a pre-professional health organization with the goal of making information and opportunities available in order to enhance and facilitate members transition into the health care field.


Professional-Arts & Sciences

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Last date the Risk Management requirement was completed:

Student Organizations are required to complete the Risk Management requirement (Training & Assessment) annually. To be in compliance with the 2017-2018 registration cycle dates will need to fall between April 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018. If you have questions email

Apr 9, 2017

Registration Year


Organization Purpose:

In 25 words or less, copy or summarize the organization's purpose as stated in the organization constitution.

Health Occupations Students of America is an organization for all pre-professional health majors. The primary purpose of HOSA is to serve the needs of its members by providing education and resources into the health professional fields. We strive to build the confidence of students in themselves and their work by providing opportunities to assume responsibilities and by developing personal and occupational competencies.

Membership Requirements:

Indicate any classification or academic requirements listed in the organization's constitution, i.e.-dues, G.P.A. etc. Membership must be open to all Texas Tech students without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin. Within an organization, differing membership status may not exist based on race, religion, gender, orientation, disability, or national origin.

a.) Members will need to fulfill a total of six points within the HOSA point system. They must attend one social, one community service, two meetings, one fundraiser, and members must pay their ten dollar per semester dues.
b.) To be eligible for a HOSA member, prospective students should be enrolled in health science classes and/or interested, planning to pursuer, or pursuing a career in the health professions and persons associated with, participating in or supporting health science in a professional capacity.
c.) Every member shall agree to be active within the organization and to fulfill the responsibilities presented to them. Members have the right to substitute points from other categories to meet the total of six point’s requirements, excluding dues.
d.) Every member must pay their dues of ten dollars before the last meeting of each semester. Members have the ability to pay twenty at the beginning of a semester to fulfill the whole year. Members have the ability to make arrangements with the executive members if they cannot make the payment for dues in time. Dues must be paid, but accommodations can be made depending of the member’s circumstance and their communication.

Are freshmen eligible to participate in this organization:


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Susanna Dickson

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Sydney Staveley


Jill Steves

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