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Welcome to ACU's Elite Athlete and Performer Program

You must apply to the EAPP  program to Join this portal. Once you have been accepted and joined the portal, you will find all the necessary information about the program here, as well as keeping up to date with the latest events and news of the athletes success in sport and study.

If you are an EAPP Athlete or performer, please JOIN the portal. This will allow you to access the scholarship and subsidy forms. 


Portal Information


What is the Elite Athlete and Performer Program?

Australian Catholic University is a foundation member of the national Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) agreement developed in partnership with the Australian Sports Commission. ACU is signatory to the EAFU which means ACU supports Australia’s elite athletes to achieve academic excellence while also pursuing a sporting career.
Under the discretion of the university, ACU supports elite artistic performers in the program recognising the commitment required to perform at a high level in this field.

What are the benefits of the Program?

Academic support:

As a member of the EAPP, you may seek to negotiate your study schedule, and assessment with your lecturer-in-charge (LIC), and/or course coordinator. Your applications to LICs and course coordinators for academic adjustments will be supported (where evidenced) by the Elite Athlete and Performer Program Coordinator. In addition to this you can receive support from the academic skills unit and career guidance services. You can find all the related forms to fill out under the files tab.

Early Timetabling:

Members of the EAPP have the option to early allocate their university timetable around their sporting schedule. You will be required to provide evidence of your training schedule to change class allocations after semester starts. Keep an eye out for emails from the Elite Athlete and Performer Program Officer for more information.

Financial Support:

Elite Athlete and Performer Program Scholarship:

Depending on the your proven elite level you may receive financial scholarships upon application. This scholarship is to assist in national and international competition travel and accommodation expenses and any study related expenses. Students must reapply annually.

Travel Subsidies

As a student you are able to apply for once off additional funding of up to $1000 to assist with travel and accommodation when competing at elite sporting events. This financial assistance will be given at the discretion of the university upon application with supporting documentation of approaching competition.

You will receive an email stating when Scholarship applications open in each calendar year.

UniSport Australia Subsidies:

Elite Athletes or Performers may be entitled to subsidised fees for representing ACU at national and international events endorsed by UniSport Australia.


Elite Athlete

An Elite Athlete is defined as, “Someone who has been identified as such by the Australian Institute of Sport, a State Institute (or Academy) of Sport or through membership of relevant national association.

These include:
• Australian Sports Commission Recognised Sport
• Australian Institute of Sport
• State Institutes or Academies of Sport
• AFL Players’ Association
• Australian Cricketers’ Association
• Rugby Union Players’ Association
• Rugby League Professionals’ Association
• Australian Professional Footballers’ Association
• National senior squad members from CACE supported sports
• Coach Career Management Program
• SCOPE Program

Elite Performer

At ACU an Elite Performer is defined as, “Someone who has been identified as having membership and significant success in major artistic performing arts or production company at a state, national or international level”

These include:
• Member of National Arts company (e.g. Opera Australia)
• Member of State Arts company (e.g. NSW Youth Orchestra, Sydney Dance Company)
• Significant success in major artistic performing arts competition at a state, national or international level
• Undertaken a major role in commercial arts production as performer or producer
• Needs to have been signed by a major commercial label or producer
• Must have had significant success as an independent artist/producer with documented track record e.g. signed record label.
More specifically the criteria can include:
• Actors Equity Australia
• Australia dance council
• Australian dance theatre
• Australian chamber orchestra
• The symphony Australia company
• Opera Australia/ state opera
• Musica viva
• ABC concerts.

ACU also recognises students who may not have achieved the specific national criteria but are able to demonstrate they are pursuing a bona fide path towards this or a comparable level of representation.
If you believe you fit this category, your eligibility will be determined on the basis of:
• Your previous and current level of achievement in your chosen sport or artistic performance
• A demonstrable commitment to a continuing training program designed to pursue a sporting or performing career at the highest level
• Your current enrolment at Australian Catholic University

All Elite Athlete and Performer Program members are required to fill out the Elite Athlete and Performer Program Application Form under the FORMS tab at the top of this page for each calendar year.

Elite Athlete and Performer Program contact:
07 38616135


Elite Athlete Program