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The 25th Annual Homecoming Step Show

Friday, Nov 2, 7 pm
The Sanderson Recreation Center

This is the event you’ve all been waiting for: the 25th annual NPHC Homecoming Step Show!

The step show is a great way to see all the sororities and fraternities on campus show out and compete to win the first place check! Each organization has been preparing long and hard to give you an amazing show, so this is something you definitely do not want to miss!

This production will take place on November 2, 2018 at 7 p.m. Tickets will sell for $10.00. 

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NPHC Block Party

Thursday, Aug 23, 8 pm
Amphitheater (Ballroom for backup)

The NPHC Block Party is a back to school event where students gather to dance and listen to music. A DJ will be provided. This event allows non-greeks to interact with greeks in a fun atmosphere.

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NPHC Interest Meeting/Meet the Greeks

Friday, Aug 24, 5 pm
Union Ballroom

NPHC organizations will be there to answer questions about Greek Life. NPHC will also talk about qualifications for those interested in Greek Life.

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Game Night

Tuesday, Aug 21, 8 pm
Sanderson Center

NPHC will be collaborating with the Sanderson and a few other organizations to have a game night.

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National Pan-Hellenic Executive Board Application 2018


2018 -2019 National Pan-Hellenic Executive Council


Application Due April 11, 2018

Elections in front of the NPHC body will be held April 12, 2018 5:30 p.m. (Fowlkes Auditorium)

Publicity Chair, Special Activities, Community Service, Activities Chair interviews will be held April 13th-20th.

Instructions for all applicants:

Carefully read the requirements...

NPHC Graduate Symposium

Thursday, Apr 5, 6 pm
Union Ballroom
We will be having a panel of various African American faculty and staff members who received Doctorates and Masters Degrees. After the panel session, information will be provided and booths about the various graduate/doctoral programs offered at Mississippi State.
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Go Red! Blood Pressure Awareness Program

Monday, Feb 26, 2 pm
Dawghouse in The Union

February is Go Red month for the American Heart Association.  We are collaborating the AMA, EMCC Nursing Program, and MUW Nursing program to increase awareness about cardiac diseases and blood pressure.  We will be giving free blood pressure checks and having talks about the importance of cardiac health.

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2017 Homecoming Step Show

Friday, Oct 20, 7 pm
The Humphrey Coliseum

NPHC organizations will be showcasing stepping and strolling for homecoming. The doors will open for the show at 6:30 PM. You can purchase tickets in the Greek Life Office or go to

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NPHC Block Party

Thursday, Aug 17, 7:30 pm

NPHC will host its opening event.  A block party on the Junction. There will be music, dancing, and strolling...maybe a few vittles!

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NPHC Interest Meeting

Sunday, Aug 20, 3 pm
Bettersworth Auditorium

The NPHC Interest Meeting will be held on for students interested in participating in any NPHC intake this semester. The event will share key information regarding each sorority and fraternity in MSU's NPHC. Interested students must attend this event. The fee is 10 dollars. 

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Membership Informational

Sunday, Jan 22, 2 pm
Bettersworth Auditorium- Lee Hall
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Maroon Madness

Friday, Oct 28, 7 pm
Humphrey Coliseum

NPHC Stroll Off

Homecoming Court Presentation and Pep Rally

Basketball Team participation

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Tim Wise Lecture

Tuesday, Apr 5, 7 pm
Bettersworth Auditorium

Tim Wise is a nationally recognized speaker that will be coming to present a lecture on the topic of


Ever since the civil rights movement, Americans (liberal and conservative) have advocated a retreat from color-conscious public policies such as affirmative action, and even from open discussion of racism as a key factor in the perpetuation of racial inequity in the United States. They have...

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Mississippi State Homecoming Step Show

Friday, Oct 16, 7 pm
Newell Grissom

Homecoming.Stepping.Strolling.Music.Fun.Reunion. Hope you are ready! We are... 

Doors will open at 6:00p.m.

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Homecoming Step Show Info Tables

Sep 28 - Oct 16
Union Info Table
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Celebration Iota Phi Theta's Founders' Day

Friday, Sep 18, 11 am
Union Lobby Wall

We will be giving out sweets in at a table in the Union on the first floor in celebration of Iota Phi Theta.

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NPHC Stroll Off

Thursday, Aug 20, 7 pm
Bettersworth Auditorium

Welcome Back Stroll Off hosted by the Mississippi State University National Pan-Hellenic Council. It's sure to be a night of entertainment and fun, so come and bring a friend! #MSUDawgDaze

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Limited spaces available

Info Tables

Thursday, Aug 20, 11 am
Union Lobby Wall

NPHC will be hosting info tables to sell tickets for the Stroll Off on August 20th.

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NPHC Yard Show

Wednesday, Nov 18, 12 pm
New Amphitheater (In front of bakery)

Showcase of talents and strolls presented by members of the council.

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NPHC Day Party

Friday, Nov 20, 2 pm

Stress reliever social event for students before finals week

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Who is Sallie Mae?

Monday, Aug 24, 11 am
Union Dawg House

Financial forum to inform students on students loans, savings, and financial concerns.

This event does not require an RSVP.

NPHC Meet the Greeks

Tuesday, Aug 18, 6 pm
Ballroom U, Union 225, 226, 227, 230, 231, 325, 329, 330, Fowlkes

This is an open event that allows the General Public, especially incoming freshmen and transfer students, to gain knowledge about NPHC and its member organizations. #MSUDawgDaze

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NPHC's Annual Stroll Off

Thursday, Aug 20, 6:30 pm
Bettersworth Auditorium
This event does not require an RSVP.