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2019 Elite Athlete and Performer Program Application Form

Welcome to the 2019 EAPP Application Form!

In order to become a 2019 member of the Elite Athlete and Performer Program you must apply by completing this form.

PLEASE NOTE: EAPP members must re-apply each calendar year using this form.  

Be sure to have your supporting documentation ready to attach to this application:
Supporting documentation includes:

  • A one page sporting resume summarising your 2018 sporting achievements and experiences - with evidence of your current competition level within your sport or performance art
  • A letter (on letterhead) from your relevant sporting or performing institution or association that verifies your level of elite involvement in 2018 and ongoing in 2019 
  • Current training and expected competition schedule for 2019
  • Relevant sporting photo (action shot preferred) - high resolution

For an example application please click here

Things that help strengthen your application are:

  • Complete all tasks as requested
  • Go into as much details as possible on your sporting resume – clearly showing the training and competition pathway/ journey you have been on in the last 12-18 months
  • Have your supporting letter written on a letterhead

Benefits of the EAPP include:

  • Early timetabling preferences allocated
  • Flexibility with studies
  • Academic support
  • Financial support

If you have any questions regarding your application, please email 

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