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Join us and de-stress over Open mic Night Tonight!

Hey Guys!

Join us tonight for Open Mic Night. You can perform poetry, sing, dance, do stand-up comedy, basically anything that can be done on the stage, or you can just come and watch, cheer your fellow performers. Either way, we would love to have you over for our last event of the semester. We all need to a break from exam season.

We will be having this event at Pfizer Auditorium from 6pm onward. We will have sandwiches and on-spot registrations. Hope to see you...


PAC - Open Arts (General Body Meeting #1)

Friday, Jan 26, 5 pm

Come learn about the Performing Arts Club and how to be a part of the performances here at Tandon!

Will you be attending?

Play: Humbletown First Night

Thursday, Apr 13, 6 pm
Pfizer Auditiorium

Performing Arts Club is presenting a play for all to see, enjoy, and experience theater in free space of Pfizer. Presenting Humbletown: The Greatest Town on Earth. If you have seen Crazytown and Check, Please! then this town is waiting to provide you another great show!

Will you be attending?

Play: Humbletown Second Night

Friday, Apr 14, 5:30 pm
Pfizer Auditiorium

Can not make the first night or enjoyed the first night and want to see it again!? Humbletown is going for a second showing. Do not miss the The Greatest Town on Earth, or a chance to see a fake, your fellow Tandon performers await! :D

Will you be attending?

Open Mic Night

Thursday, Feb 23, 6 pm
Pfizer Auditiorium

Getting a chance to go on stage and perform is frightening but it brings along with it a joy like no other. PAC brings to you a chance to take such a stage, have fun showcasing any skill (singing, dancing, comedy, playing an instrument, etc.), and enjoy the skills others have to bring.

Will you be attending?

Dance Practice

Friday, Dec 16, 1:30 pm

Come learn how to dance and Musicality!

Will you be attending?