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Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Review Organization Registration Request


Basic Information

Full Organization Name

Recreational Therapy Club

Abbreviated Organization Name





To learn more about our profession, raise money to attend conferences and join together.


Recreational Therapy, Recreation, Therapy, Major, Therapeutic

Uploaded Picture

Recreational Therapy Club

Officer Information

Officer #1 Position Title (i.e. President)

This should be your President or the equivalent


Officer #1 Rockets Email
Officer #1 Name

Erin Jakubow

Officer #1 Phone


Organization Information

Does this organization have an affiliation with a national, regional, state or local organization?

Check all that apply

  • None
Does this organization have an affiliation with a University of Toledo Department that helps support its purpose?


Does this organization have a set regular meeting time?


Will/does this organization hold, maintain or handle money now or anytime in the future?


Does this organization currently have any established social media accounts?

(i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc)


National Affiliation

This page is not applicable for this submission.

Regional Affiliation

This page is not applicable for this submission.

State Affiliation

This page is not applicable for this submission.

Local Affiliation

This page is not applicable for this submission.

Departmental Affiliation

University of Toledo Departmental Affiliation

Please complete this information only if you are directly related to an academic or student support services department of the University.  

What Department are you affiliated with?

The Department of Recreational Therapy

What types of support do you receive from the department?
  • Professional Advising and/or oversight
  • Collaborative Programming Opportunities
  • Meeting/Event space
  • Use of Academic Equipment

Meeting Details

This page is not applicable for this submission.

Financial Statement


As a recognized student organization you get access to apply for University funding and the ability to store and access organizational funds through the University Accounting System, managed by the Dean of Students Accountant.  All organizational funds housed within the University Accounting System must comply with UT policies and procedures; including restrictions on spending.  

You may also choose to open a checking/savings account with a local financial institution (UT Credit Union, Huntington, etc.).  In order to do this you will need to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) through the IRS website (How-to Guide).  It is not a difficult process and the turn-around time is quite fast normally.

When comparing your options for financial arrangements, please consider the pro's and con's of each option.  

UT Account
(UT Funded or Agency)
  Off-Campus Account
(UT Credit Union, Huntington, etc.)
Check or Cash through the Dean of Students Accountant


Check or Cash deposits at a branch; Able to link to online and credit card systems
Must reserve Purchasing card or arrange for a check to be cut. NO CASH


Can write check, use debit card, withdraw cash, etc. Same as any consumer account
Must comply with all state and university guidelines that govern spending

Spending Restrictions 

Self-imposed by organization; UT recommends requiring dual signatures
University ensures paper trail and legal use of funds. Helps to protect the organization and members


Organization responsible for policing its own spending and holding individuals accountable for use of organizational monies
Which of the following best describes the current financial position or plans of this organization?

We are an established organization with a standing account at a financial institution (UT Credit Union, Huntington, etc.)

Off Campus Bank Account

You indicated that your organization maintains a financial account outside of the University of Toledo Accounting System.  Please provide us with some additional information about the account.

What is the name of the financial institution where your account is held?


What type of account(s) do you hold?
  • Checking
What is the official name of the organization on the account?

UT Recreational Therapy Club

Who in the organization has access to the account?

Wendy Maran
Valeria Lazzara

Do you require dual signatures for financial transactions?
  • No

New Off Campus Bank Account

This page is not applicable for this submission.

Social Media

Advisor Information

UT Advisor Name

Wendy Maran

UT Advisor Email

Approved by Wendy Maran

UT Advisor Phone


Detailed Organization Information

Selection Process/Membership Requirements

Please describe (based on your constitution) the organization's selection process and include membership requirements if applicable. You must have a method of differentiating voting members from non-voting members in order to be able define quorum as required to conduct business and amend the constitution.

The active member status is achieved when participant fulfills the four requirements including: paying the semester dues, attending one social event, two meets and four service events.

Sample Constitution
Ensure that your constitution has all of the essential information to be approved.

Template Roster:
All rosters MUST be submitted in this format below!


Please upload your organization's constitution. The constitution must have all of the requirements to be approved (see the sample constitution above).


Please upload your organization's roster including each member's name, Rocket #, and UT email ( The roster MUST be submitted using the roster template (see above).

New organization applications must have at least 7 interested persons.

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