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Welcome to the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership! We are the department within the Division of Student Affairs that is responsible for coordinating and supporting the 350+ student organizations that make The University of Toledo such a great place to live, learn, and grow.

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The Office of Student Involvement & Leadership exists to support and coordinate the roughly 300 student organizations that exist on The University of Toledo campus. We also support and plan several campus-wide programs and initiatives such as First Weeks, Family Weekend, Homecoming, and much more.



Officer #1 Position Title (i.e. President)

This should be your President or the equivalent

Assistant Dean for Student Involvement & Leadership

Officer #1 Rockets Email
Officer #1 Name

Donovan Nichols

What day of the week does this organization hold its meeting?


What time does the meeting start?

9:00 AM

What is the typical meeting room for this organization?

Student Union

Please list your organization's Facebook page
Please list your organization's Twitter handle
Additional Social Media Link
UT Advisor Name

Sarah Yecke

UT Advisor Title

Advisor's position at The University of Toledo

Program Manager for Student Involvement

Selection Process/Membership Requirements

Please describe (based on your constitution) the organization's selection process and include membership requirements if applicable. You must have a method of differentiating voting members from non-voting members in order to be able define quorum as required to conduct business and amend the constitution.

The Office of Student Involvement & Leadership is a professional department within the Division of Student Affairs. Membership is reserved for the full-time staff, Graduate Assistants, and student staff.


Please upload your organization's constitution. The constitution must have all of the requirements to be approved (see the sample constitution above).