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Blue Coats Request Form

This form is to request the presence of the UWG Blue Coats at a university-sanctioned function.  The Blue Coats serve as ambassadors for the Division of University Advancement, bridging the gap between the current student body and alumni, friends, and donors of UWG.  By going through a rigorous selection process, this group of students represent some of the best-of-the-best of UWG students.

The term "ambassador" is key to understanding the role Blue Coats may play in a function.  Our end goal is to place the Blue Coats in situations that will create positive dialogue with attendees. 

The following are examples of what roles Blue Coats may fill at an event:

  • Greeters for an event
  • Ushers to escort attendees to tables or seats
  • Student representatives to engage with attendees
  • Speakers at an event
  • Campus tours for alumni and friends of the university

The following are examples of roles Blue Coats may NOT fill at an event:

  • Manage a registration table or take tickets
  • Pass out programs
  • Help with setup or cleanup (unless they volunteer on their own)
  • Run errands
  • Serve food or drinks
  • Other tasks that will not allow engagement with the attendees

If you would like to discuss the Blue Coats' involvement for an event, please contact Kevin Hemphill, Adviser, at or 678-839-4103 prior to completing this form.

Requests must be submitted no later than 3 weeks prior to the event start date and time.  Please allow at least 5 business days to process the request.

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