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Welcome to the 51st Congress of the Student government association.We have an exciting and enigmatic year ahead of us as we navigate through the diverse student body at Harrisburg. We are a dedicated organization with the sole responsibility of ushering the campus into an age of academic and social responsibility and strength.We intend to harness the potential of the students in order to exemplify and implement Penn State values of Responsibility and Integrity. We are committed to establishing a campus that induces a sense of community where every student is adequately represented. The new administration has undertaken this great venture as a chance to reinvent SGA and enforce a long standing eminence. 

I look forward to advancing the dialogue on collective leadership and building a vibrant college community dedicated to catering excellence.

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As governing body of student population, SGA strives to voice opinions on all issues that contribute to the betterment of student life at Penn State Harrisburg. SGA is the voice of the campus’ student body to the college administration as well as to the other 18 Commonwealth Campuses of Penn State. Please feel free to contact any member of SGA if you have any questions or concerns about your time at Penn State. The Penn State Harrisburg Student Government Association consists of three branches the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches.


Student Government Association

Selection Process/Membership Requirements

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Executive Board: The President and Vice President are elected. The Chief-Of-Staff, Treasurer, Communication Director and Community Liaison are appointed by the President.
Legislative Branch: The Senate is elected by the students. However, a student may apply to join the senate by completing an intake form and being approved by the senate.
Judicial Branch: All Justices are nominated by the President and approved by the Senate.

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