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The new administration for the 50th Congress is ready to get to work for the student body here at Penn State Harrisburg, and all across the university. SGA has an exciting year planned ahead as we come into our 50th anniversary of Penn State Harrisburg. This year, SGA hopes to bring more community engagement to the students to foster an environment that engages the campus, community, and commonwealth. We want to represent your voice as a student and work effectively with our college administration to make Penn State Harrisburg a vibrant environment academically and socially. 

I look forward to a very successful year at Penn State Harrisburg with you. Please feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions or concerns. 


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As governing body of student population, SGA strives to voice opinions on all issues that contribute to the betterment of student life at Penn State Harrisburg. SGA is the voice of the campus’ student body to the college administration as well as to the other 18 Commonwealth Campuses of Penn State. Please feel free to contact any member of SGA if you have any questions or concerns about your time at Penn State. The Penn State Harrisburg Student Government Association consists of three branches the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches.


Student Government Association

Selection Process/Membership Requirements

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Executive Board: The President and Vice President are elected. The Chief-Of-Staff, Treasurer, Communication Director and Community Liaison are appointed by the President.
Legislative Branch: The Senate is elected by the students. However, a student may apply to join the senate by completing an intake form and being approved by the senate.
Judicial Branch: All Justices are nominated by the President and approved by the Senate.

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